Working with senior leaders on high performance, we build on your individual strengths and boost your potential to sustain top level responsibility in complex settings.
“Absolutely one of a kind. Entering a room, the coach generously amplifies it and creates an inspiring vacuum, calling others in to fill the space themselves. Totally present and attentive, truly listening and never judging, always open to any possibility and embracing any outcome, the approach invites to come out of one’s comfort zone and experiment new dynamics of sharing and empowering others. Very practical, encourages self-reflection, recognition of self-set limits and new behavioural possibilities. I highly recommend this powerful coaching to go beyond traditional boundaries and to take personal responsibility at much higher level.”
Betrand Jakob
Wealth management, Sustainability & Transformation; SAAM Swiss Association of Asset Managers 

As co-founders of the international innovation and leadership consultancy Lifetree, Dr Madelon Evers (based in Switzerland) or Joe Lafferty (based in the UK) are the designers of the Trust Your Potential executive coaching program. We bring a wealth of practical methods to each session, to ensure you get results fast. We offer multiple languages, coaching on locations across Europe, and support clients worldwide via virtual coaching.

On this program, you can choose to work with either Madelon or Joe. Licensed to use 70+ well-established assessment and development tools, we are certified by the ICF International Coach Federation and Tavistock Institute for Human Relations for advanced executive/team coaching.

Joe and Madelon draw on 20+ years in international business, and 10+ years as certified coaching professionals. We have ‘been there and done that’ — we know your business challenges first-hand.  We enjoy a solid reputation as trusted sparring partners to top level decision-makers in global organisations. See what our clients tell us about the coaching below.

What our clients tell us